Kelly Mikel Williams

Community Servant for Congress

Kelly Mikel Williams is a dedicated public servant, advocate, and community leader. During more than 25 years in DC, Kelly Mikel has served in all levels of government, from the White House to the DC Council and his local neighborhood commission. He’s been a renter, a homeowner, and he’s been homeless. He’s been a parent in DC schools. He’s a taxpayer, a churchgoer, and a community volunteer. He’s a lifelong Democrat and has won elections for himself and for others.

"In the halls of Congress

I will be the representative who advocates for DC’s interests alongside our local leaders. I will fight harmful meddling from out-of-state politicians who don’t live in our neighborhoods and don’t care about our communities.”

Inspired by a Senior Democrat

Growing up in Southern California, Kelly Mikel’s mother was a nurse, and his father a police detective. They instilled in Kelly Mikel values of integrity, discipline, and service. What led Kelly Mikel into Democratic politics and grassroots organizing was his mother’s support for Dianne Feinstein, who would become California’s longtime U.S. senator and hold the office until her death in 2023. He paused college to register voters in Central California before graduating with a degree in criminal justice administration and political science. Bill Clinton’s reelection to the White House brought Kelly Mikel to Washington in 1997, where he went on to serve in the White House, Department of Agriculture, and Farm Credit Administration.


Kelly Mikel Williams with his mother 

“My campaign is about providing a new voice for DC in Congress. While we honor the past 33 years of service and the foundation that has been established, it is time for the next generations of Washingtonians to step up for DC’s future. My diverse set of experiences best position me to address the challenges the District faces today and in the future.”


Kelly Mikel with an unhoused constituent

Strength through Adversity

Life for Kelly Mikel took a turn in the early 2000s, when a new administration came to town and he found himself without a job. He struggled and lost his home and custody of his young son. He couch-surfed and slept in his car. He battled depression. This low point ultimately strengthened Kelly Mikel’s resilience and his commitment to advocating for DC’s most vulnerable, especially those experiencing homelessness. He eventually became the sole parent to his son, who graduated from Eastern High School and is now a senior in college.

Community Servant for Congress

Work and Life Experience

Locally, Kelly Mikel’s public service includes directing constituent service for former at-large councilmember Vincent Orange and serving as commissioner and chair of ANC 8E in Congress Heights. As chair, Kelly Mikel has focused on deepening engagement with neighbors, improving the commission’s transparency, and advocating for his neighbors in disputes with landlords and in navigating DC government. Kelly Mikel also serves on the board of directors of Covenant House Greater Washington, the region’s leading nonprofit protecting, supporting, and transforming the lives of youth experiencing homelessness, disconnection, and exploitation.

Motivated by civic duty and spiritual conviction, in 2022 Kelly Mikel ran for Congress to serve as DC’s delegate. He came in second and was encouraged to run again.

As DC voters consider their congressional representation in 2024, Kelly Mikel is offering voters a fresh vision for the role combined with professional and life experience that mirrors the diversity of today’s District of Columbia.

"My vision goes beyond statehood

I aim to be the advocate the District needs on the issues that matter daily – from crime and economic development to housing and homelessness.”

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