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Kelly Mikel Williams has lived through DC’s past, he’s contributing to its present, and he has concerns and hopes for DC’s future. That’s why Kelly Mikel is stepping up to advocate for us in the U.S. House of Representatives. As the District of Columbia’s sole representative in Congress, Kelly Mikel’s top priority will be identifying opportunities to keep more federal dollars in DC to address the local challenges he knows firsthand.

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After decades of progress, DC is regaining a reputation we don’t want as a crime capital. 2023 was DC’s deadliest year for homicides since 1997. Carjackings and other armed robberies are terrorizing all areas of the District. Kelly Mikel’s advocacy in Congress will make lawmakers from across the country recognize the importance of reducing gun violence and other crimes in our nation’s capital. As the son of a cop and as an African-American male, Kelly Mikel knows DC residents’ experiences with law enforcement vary. But we all have the same expectation and right: safety. We need the full cooperation of the District’s 31 federal and local law enforcement partners to protect DC.

Affordable Housing

As a DC resident who has rented, owned and been unhoused, Kelly Mikel is personally committed to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing in our expensive city. As ANC Commissioner, he has fought for his neighbors’ rights during renovations to their apartments. He sees missed opportunities in federal housing programs that should be benefiting more DC families, seniors, and individuals across all income levels.


Kelly Mikel’s personal journey from homelessness fuels his passion for ensuring everyone in DC has safe and stable housing. He is dedicated to expanding outreach programs, advocating for mental health resources, and creating a comprehensive support system for those experiencing homelessness. He volunteers on the board of Covenant House Greater Washington, which provides a variety of supports for unhoused youth. Kelly Mikel understands firsthand the complexity of this issue and will leverage his experiences to access federal resources for individuals and families facing homelessness. Our country’s capital should be a model of solutions to a nationwide problem.

Jobs and Economic Development

Kelly Mikel’s commitment to economic inclusion is grounded in his experiences helping others navigate challenges, ensuring that DC’s growth benefits everyone. Through his work with DC’s small businesses and other employers and his federal experience facilitating financing for America’s farmers, Kelly Mikel understands that every job and every worker contributes to a diverse economy and a prosperous community. Kelly Mikel will advocate in Congress for federal jobs and functions to remain closest to the center of our nation’s government – right here in Washington. But Kelly Mikel also believes that local businesses are just as vital to DC’s economy. In fact, he and his business partners are converting a former theater in Ward 7 into a restaurant that will contribute to economic development east of the Anacostia River. Kelly Mikel is also founder of the Anacostia-Heights Community Credit Union (in formation), which will promote economic and financial stability in Wards 7 and 8 by lending to residents and minority-owned businesses.

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DC Statehood

One day Kelly Mikel hopes DC will be recognized as the 51st state and have full voting representation in Congress. Our delegate to Congress has been championing statehood over three decades, and it hasn’t happened. To the contrary, today Republicans elected far away from Washington are meddling in local decisions just to score political points. Kelly Mikel will fight for statehood and work to persuade Democratic senators who have not yet supported the District’s right to autonomy and voting representation in Congress. While doing so, he will focus on day-to-day issues that DC residents care about most.

A Path Forward

“In the halls of Congress, I will be the representative who advocates for DC’s interests alongside our local leaders. I will fight harmful meddling from out-of-state politicians who don’t live in our neighborhoods and don’t care about our communities.”

 – Kelly Mikel Williams

KMW in the community
KMW in the community
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